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Monday! Whee!

Well, my davidbowie.com address was not speaking to my Mail program for several days running. Mail was accumulating, but I was unable to load it down. After a little back and forthing with the tech support people, it turned out the problem was weirdly formatted chunk of spam that confused my Mail program and kept me from loading anything past it. They deleted the offending message and all was well.

Another fine reason to despise the purveyors of spam. Like I needed extra ones.

Monday was, well, Monday. Work and the usual. Went to Melton's for dinner with the 'rents. Melton's is an unpretentious little restaurant with some really good food. Every time my younger brother visits Atlanta, he makes a pilgrimage to Melton's for a hot chicken sandwich and Irish nachos. I don't blame him.

So we got home and I went and poured chemicals on my hair and let them sit there for a half an hour while I shaved my legs and read an old magazine. Rinsed them out, wiped up the carnage and now I'm a redhead again. I'll see about getting up pictures when it's dry and presentable.

Today I took pleasure in a hot chicken sandwich at Melton's.

Today I learned what was wrong with my email.