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The Adventures of Sheila the Wonderbink

...stranger things have happened...

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I'm forever less and more
14 June
My name is Sheila. I write a lot. I also make Word Art, scribble flowers and try to write 100 Odd Words at regular intervals. I also write novels, but none of them have been published. Yet. (I did write a wee ebook called Catbooks and Other Methods if you're interested in that.)

A Few Points of LiveJournal Protocol:

Anybody is free to friend me, unless you're an asshole with a deliberately icky name who friends people just to piss them off. If you want to read my ramblings, you're perfectly welcome to. However, I only friend people if I know them from some other context, and I'm pretty much limiting it from this point to people I've actually met in person. (Though I may make an exception for someone who writes entertainingly enough.) Basically, I don't want my friends list full of entries that have me scratching my head and going "Wait, who is this person again?" So if you can't bear to friend somebody without being friended in return, then don't friend me. I won't mind.

If you want to quote me somewhere, just be sure you get my name right. Ask first for private entries (what few I have) but otherwise, go for it.

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