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Ow. Ow ow. Owie owie ow. Ow.

. . . did I mention ow?

Yeah, it's been a while and it's a funny thing because last night when I was driving home I was mentally composing an LJ post of a quick "Things I Did Today" so I could get back in the habit of writing here.

And then as I was going through an intersection a car made a highly illegal left turn into it and the next thing I know there's a car in front of me where it should not be, I slam the brakes, bang into the car anyway, spin around and come to a stop with an airbag in my lap and smoke pouring everywhere.

So, yeah, I've had a bit of a night.

My iPhone actually got some use as a phone as I called 911, called my mom and called the insurance company. I was still a bit too stunned to really react as they carted Doris (the car) on a flatbed to parts unknown.

My dad got out of bed and got dressed to pick me up and I slept over at their place to make it easier for everybody involved. Mom drove me to the tow yard the next morning to retrieve what was left of my belongings from what was left of my car. (It felt like going to an automotive morgue, with all the battered and crushed vehicles surrounding us.) The insurance company will be picking it up to examine it and figure out if it's fixable. Given that the book value would have been not much more than $1K in pristine condition, I'm not expecting I'll be seeing Doris again.

I'll miss Doris. She was a good car, served me well for many miles and many years. And she was built to take the damage so I emerged with a few scrapes and burns (and a lot of muscle soreness, especially one day later) but I am otherwise intact.

I pretty much slept all afternoon. I'm still at my parents' house, holed up for the weekend and then I'll be taking MARTA to the courthouse on Monday morning and figuring it out from there.

Today I took pleasure in a tall, cool glass of water.

Today I learned what a tow yard is like.
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